Thursday, June 10, 2010

Job Available: Portland UASI Program Manager

Regional Disaster Preparedness Sr. Program Manager, Portland Urban Area Security Initiative

Approximate Monthly Salary: $6,184- $8,238

The Position

In 2008, the City of Portland contracted with CH2MHill to assist in assessing how the Portland Urban Area (PUA) approaches disaster preparedness and to make recommendations for a more cohesive, integrated and efficient organization structure to coordinate regional all-hazards disaster preparedness. The project engaged public and private stakeholders from throughout the City of Portland and the five surrounding counties (Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, and Washington Counties in Oregon and Clark County in Washington) in the development of a governance model (Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization) that would establish a coalition of agencies to assure that all-hazard disaster preparedness efforts are efficiently coordinated and effectively integrated within the PUA. The Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization Program Manager will guide the development of, and transition to, a new organizational structure for regional disaster preparedness coordination; provide support to the organization; facilitate development and successful implementation of coordinated regional disaster preparedness strategies, work plans, projects and initiatives; provide for sound financial and grant management; coordinate the work of other regional staff funded by the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) grant; lead organizational change efforts; and build and maintain strong relationships with and between RDPP committees and stakeholders. The Senior Program Manager is expected to carry out individual responsibilities with initiative, independence and creativity while exercising sound professional judgment and problem-solving skills. This is a grant funded two-year limited term position. Persons appointed to limited term positions will be designated as limited duration employees whose appointment shall not exceed two (2) years except for the extension of grants or funding from outside sources.

To Qualify

Applicants must possess and specifically address in a cover letter and resume the following

  • Knowledge of operating principles, practices and procedures of public administration for agencies such as police, fire, and emergency response
  • Knowledge of advanced principles, practices, tools and techniques of program planning and management
  • Knowledge of principles, practices and methods of budget development and management
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques of public outreach including community organizing, partnership and relationship building with a variety of stakeholders
  • Ability to analyze difficult and complex program, administrative, operational and organizational objectives and issues, evaluate alternatives and reach sound, logical, fact-based conclusions and recommendations
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