Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend Weather Outlook

Columbia County participated in a conference call this afternoon with the National Weather Service. NWS is predicting some persistent cool weather and lower snow levels through the weekend and into next week. However, the amount of precipitation that will accompany this cool weather is still not known, so the chance of snow is variable.
As things stand, the chances of snow are slim, with the greatest chances of snow being on Sunday-Monday as the snow level drops to near the valley floor. But again, it is uncertain how much moisture will be present when the cool air arrives. Based on current data, this would be a light dusting of snow on the valley floor that would not linger.
The detailed potential outlook for the next few days is as follows:
Friday the 19th through Sunday the 21st
Snow Levels
- Fri: 1000-2000 ft
- Sat: 500-1500 ft
- Sun: near surface (north) -1500 ft (south)
Low Elevation Snow:
A possibility with strong showers, but light, if any. Best chances of snow on Saturday and Sunday.
Lows: Low 30s
Hghs: Upper 30s to mid 40s
Monday the 22nd through Thursday the 25th
Snow Levels:
- Mon: Surface -1000 ft
- Tue: Surface -1000 ft
- Wed: 500 -1500 ft
Low Elevation Snow:
A possibility, but light, if any. Precipitation chances decreasing with time. Best chances of snow on Monday and Tuesday. Models currently agree on dry remainder of week.
Lows: mid 20s
Highs: 30s to near 40
(moderating midweek)
Please note that this is a prediction from the National Weather Service based on scientific research, not a foregone conclusion. Updates on weather watches and warnings will be posted to our online networks:
Facebook: search for "Columbia County Emergency Management"