Monday, October 3, 2011

Used Cell Phones Needed

Have you upgraded your phone recently? If so, the the District Attorney's Crime Victims' Program could use your old one.

Most non-profits use donated cell phones as part of a safety plan, for 911 calls only.

A victim's need for a phone goes beyond safety. Telephone numbers are needed for follow up services, release notifications, medical appointments, counseling, housing, and accessing community resources.

At this time the program has grant funds available to provide pre-paid minutes for donated cell phones. If you have a working cell phone you are no longer using, please consider donating the phone to the Crime Victims' program.

Please drop off used cell phones and chargers at the Columbia County DA's office, which is on the third floor of the new courthouse.

Information provided courtesy of Janice Flatersack. Please contact her if you have questions regarding your donation (503) 366-3914 or