Monday, November 21, 2011

High Wind/Heavy Rain Event

The National Weather Service has alerted us of a heavy rain/high wind event heading our way. The worst of the storm will hit starting Tuesday morning (4-6 AM) and last for about 12 hours--through Tuesday evening.

Winds are expected to be around 25 mph sustained with gusts of 40-45 at times. As trees are still heavy with leaves, winds of this speed will mean there is a higher than normal chance of downed trees, branches and clogged drains.

There is the potential for two to four inches of rain which will likely cause areas of urban and small stream flooding.

Rivers of most concern are southwest WA & northwest OR rivers (Pacific, Clatsop, Tillamook counties).

Potential Impacts:
*Downed trees
*Power outages
*Flood potential

Still Unknown/Developing:
*Lots of uncertainty in where the core of heavy rain will set up and possibly become stationary
*Moderate to high confidence in rainfall amounts

In preparation for these events, please take a minute to check your emergency kit supplies and make sure you have provisions for a possible power outage.