Friday, September 27, 2013

Here are the locations to go for sandbags should they become necessary in this weekend's difficult weather:

Scappoose Fire District: 52751 Columbia River Hwy Scappoose, Oregon  503.543.5026

Columbia County Public Works:  1054 Oregon St St. Helens, (by Animal Shelter) 503.397.5090

Clatskanie Roads Shop: Intersection of Howard & Hwy 47 Clatskanie  503.728.2622

City of St. Helens   1)1230 Deer Island Rd. St. Helens, Oregon  503.397.3532
                               2) McCormick Park  475 S 18th St. Helens (behind Center)

Rainier Public Works:  211 W 2nd St. Helens, Oregon  503.410.2177

Vernonia Public Works:  1625 N Washington Ave, Vernonia   503.429.6921

Be sure to bring a shovel and some gloves to fill the bags. Each of the locations should be available 24 hours a day.  We hope that no one actually has to use them.