Monday, March 15, 2010

IS-300 and IS-400 Training

This message is to serve as an announcement for an upcoming ICS 300 and 400 class to be conducted on May 17-19, 2010, inclusive. The sessions will be held at the Polk County Fire District #1 Station in Independence, OR. A great place for a class with a comfortable room and plenty of free parking.

Each day the session will begin at 0800 and end close to 1630. We have a lot of ground to cover and will do 4 days worth of training in 3 days. Persons completing the classes will be awarded a local certificate as well as one from Oregon Emergency Management. These classes meet ALL of the NIMS requirements for 300/400.

Course participant manuals will be provided as will appropriate handouts, thanks to Anne Steeves.

Please have those who wish to attend contact Jessica Johnson at: or 503-434-7437, with an RSVP. I’m looking for a diverse group for the class meaning that I’d like to see several disciplines represented. This always makes for a more interesting class for all involved. We are limiting the class to a manageable number and if demand exceeds the spaces available, we’ll double back and do another class shortly.

I’m sending this out now so you and/or your members who might be attending can get it on respective calendars, NOW. I’ll send out a reminder 30 days pre-class and another 10 days out. See you in Independence.

Feel free to distribute this information as you see fit.

Doug McGillivray

Emergency Manager

Yamhill County, OR

Mail to: 535 NE 5th St

McMinnville, OR 97128

Desk: 503-434-7340

Cell: 503-437-5884

Fx; 503-474-4909